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My home QTH is in Forestville, NY (FN02kk).

My Station is an ICOM IC-7000 into an AT-7000 antenna tuner.  The antenna is either an all band ground mounted vertical, or a G5RV up 25 feet.  I also have a TenTec Argosy Tranceiver into the G5RV thru an MFJ Antenna Tuner.

I also operate POTA.  I use a vintage Heathkit HW-8 QRP Tranceiver or a Yaesu FT-817 QRP Portable for field operations.



KA2KGP Station Statistics:

I operate HF 80 thru 10 meters CW & RTTY , QRP & QRO. My Main rig is an ICOM IC-7000 into a G5RV Dipole up 25 ft. thru an AT-7000 antenna tuner.

I'm a hearing impaired operator, so I sometimes use a PC to decode CW & RTTY and can QSO with the best of them.

HAMFESTER !  -  I attend all the local & not-so-local hamfests and radio auctions and buy & sell & swap gear.

HOMEBREW'er  -  I make QRP & QRPp CW transmitters and related QRP gear.  It's a challange to build QRP equipment, and FUN to operate too !

QRP'er  -  I love the challange of operating CW QRP, or low power, to make contacts on the ham bands.  I'm in several QRP Groups & Clubs that promote my hobby fasination.


KA2KGP in Chief OP Position

at Main Radio Shack

Photo above shows me operating at my radio shack.

Main Rig: ICOM IC-7000, AT-7000 Antenna Tuner,

either a 5 Band Dipole up 25 ft. or a ground mounted

80 thru 10 meter Vertical.  I use a PC with ham radio

FLdigi for CW & RTTY and other Digital Modes.

I have 6 & 2 meter CW capabilities also.

QRP GROUPS & CLUBS that I belong to:

Member  -  North American QRP CW Club - NAQCC No. 0555

Member  -  ARCI - American Radio Club Int'l - No. 5584

Member  -   SKCC - Straight Key Century Club - No. 1494T

Member  -  Flying Pigs QRP Club International, W8PIG - No. 1203

Member  -  ARS - Amateur Radio Society - No. 2104

Member  -  QRPp-I - QRPp International



Questions/Comments? - Send an email to KA2KGP


You can join the North American QRP CW Club for "FREE", there's NO dues or costs involved!   The Club Motto is: "No Dues - just DO !". 

We promote the CW (code) mode in a QRP (low Power) operation.  Check us out at the Club Web Site:


Come join us and join the FUN !


"No dues - Just DO !"

Come join us and join in the FUN !

Comments? Questions? Email NAQCC: